VIDEO – Top Triad Tells UK’s Channel 4 They’re Disrupting Occupy Protests 7

Britain’s Channel 4 has spoken to a top gang-leader who claims the occupy movement has been infiltrated by agents provocateurs.

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7 thoughts on “VIDEO – Top Triad Tells UK’s Channel 4 They’re Disrupting Occupy Protests

  • Ken Morgan

    And today the SCMP states that 83% of HK people (sample size 550) want the protests to end.

    Nearly 55 per cent of 513 respondents interviewed by the
    university’s public opinion programme from Monday to Tuesday said they
    opposed the civil disobedience movement, compared with 28 per cent who supported the campaign.

    A total of 82.9 per cent said the occupation campaign, now in its
    eighth week, should end while 13 per cent said it should continue.
    Another 4.1 per cent replied “don’t know/hard to say”.

    More than 68 per cent of the respondents said the Hong Kong
    government should clear the protest sites while 25.1 per cent said it
    should maintain the “status quo”. Another 6.8 per cent said “don’t
    know/hard to say”.

  • QJH

    I enjoy your blog and check it frequently so don’t regard this as anything other than a very mild observation: the plural of agent provocateur is agents provocateurs owing to its etymological origin, in the same way that the plural of court martial is courts martial. Keep up the good work.

  • Ken Morgan

    It is relevant to what I said about a month ago. That eventually the goodwill of the people whose lives and businesses this is disrupting will run out.

    As such they will become hated and despised even if their goals were noble and as such it was essentially all they have done is for nothing. The longer they keep it up the more disruption they cause the more support goes to such actions seeking to end this protest.

  • No need to figure

    Civil Passion, the political group which has been rumoured and photoshot to have plotted and spearheaded the window-pane smashing incident, cut their ties with any involvement right afterwards. What made it more suspicious was not only CP had been spending 80-90% of their last 8-9 months smearing all other political groups and any peaceful civil disobedience approach, CP has also been appealing to the youths for violent, promoting blood-shedding movement on the internet against the government. It has been believed by most participants of the movement that violence will be the only justification to violent suppression and invasion by the Mainland troops, and peaceful civil disobedience will be the best way to rally support from the silent majority locally and internationally. The most suspicious part was while CP leaders have been instigating violence, their share of publicity like writing columns, hosting TV shows in the mainstream which is already controlled by Pro-Beijing resources, has been enlarging. Therefore, it is believed by many movement participants that the window pane smashing incident was part of the authority’s plot spearheaded by CP, and funded by Pro-Beijing resources to disrupt the umbrella movement for good.