BLOG – Pro-Beijing DAB Party Campaigning Against Club Triple X

Aside from being a dreadful misnomer, LEGCO’s majority ‘Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong’ also have a penchant for promoting pointless policies. The pro-Beijing, anti-Democratic party is currently campaigning against XXX – much to the outrage of local hipsters and white people city-wide…

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Strongly opposed to Lung Fung Court basement XXX Gallery’s application for a liquor license

We submitted more than 120 questionnaires with objections to the Liquor Licensing Board

Our office conducted a survey regarding the above-mentioned liquor license application, and received more than 120 questionnaires with objections. We have already submitted a letter of objection to the Central and Western District Office and the Liquor Licensing Board, and when the Liquor Licensing Board considers the application our District Councillor Chan Hok-fung will attend the hearing to raise objections to the application. Details of the public hearing will be publicised shortly, and we welcome everyone’s active attendance, and together we’ll protect the community’s quiet environment.

– Translation via quant18 on Reddit

That’s not 120 people who’ve objected to the licence – it’s 120 the DAB deliberately approached. (Hell, I reckon I could find 120 folks in favour of legalising cannibalism or invading Macau!)

The underground music and arts venue, which was raided by police last Saturday (photo below), has applied for a liquor licence as it moves to new premises in the district.  Currently patrons are forced to traipse to a nearby 7/11 in order to buy drink.

via Marcin Rutecki on FB

The DAB would do well to realise that if folks weren’t forced onto the street whenever they needed a top-up, noise levels would fall. A liquor licence would reduce the amount of disturbance, not increase it.

Also, if the party were to examine the bigger picture, they would see that HK’s F&B/clubbing district is being forced out of traditional entertainment areas due to insane rent increases. The DAB could campaign for rent controls, as in other developed cities around the world, but instead battles the symptoms as opposed to the cause.

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Unhappy children forced to campaign for the DAB.

The ‘Democratic Alliance’ is made up of hardcore communist Union-types, indigenous residents of the NT and elderly people who the party bribes with rice, seafood meals and free transport. Its members have a history of involvement in the leftist riots and even denying the Tiananmen Massacre.

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They hold a record 13 (18.57%) Legislative Council seats and 136 (33.01%) District Council seats – making them the largest party in LEGCO.

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