BLOG – HK Mildly Inconvenienced As Typhoon Usagi Passes Nearby (Pictures)

Despite bracing for the ‘storm of the century’, Typhoon Usagi passed through southern China having little major effect on HK. The T8 signal remained hoisted overnight, leading to a morning off for many citizens.

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via Vincent Yu/AP

Other territories did not fare so well – 25 people were killed in the mainland and 2 in the Philippines

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Hangzhou, Zhejiang province yesterday., via Chance Chan, Reuters

Video by Edwin Lee et al of Fallout Media…

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via Tomas Wiik on Flickr

Flights were cancelled and public transport was abandoned…

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via Tomas Wiik on Flickr

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Many passengers were understandably stranded at the airport, though – bizarrely – some seemed surprised and angry.

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Via Laurent Fievet, Agence France-Presse/Getty Image

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via Tomas Wiik on Flickr

The SCMP captured a time-lapse of the incoming storm…

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via Tomas Wiik on Flickr

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via WSJ

Some went out storm-chasing, uploading photos and videos as they went…

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via James Reynolds on Twitter

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via Tomas Wiik on Flickr

Meanwhile, a number of Hong Kong’s long-suffering maid community were not allowed to return home until 2 hours after the T8 signal was raised (at 9pm)…

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via James Reynolds on Twitter

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via Tomas Wiik on Flickr

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via Tomas Wiik on Flickr

Locals willed the storm on in the hope of a day off on Monday. “Typhoon, please don’t leave”, reads the window tape below…

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via Gary Fan

…others went surfing…

…A few supermarkets saw panic buying by customers who had perhaps forgotten that 7/11 would remain open even during the apocalypse…

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via H.L.Tam on Flickr

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via WSJ

One Hong Konger sporting speedos was perpetually on standby to abandon ship…

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via Richard A Brooks, AFP

Others expressed fears that a direct hit to HK would cause a repeat of Fukushima at nearby Dana Bay Nuclear Plant just over the border…

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The mainstream media blew the incoming storm out of all proportion whilst expatriates on social media remained insufferable throughout the weekend, giving live updates on their plight…

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By 9:30am on Monday, the typhoon signal had been lowered to a T3, meaning most Hong Kongers had to head into work.

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