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Despite bracing for the ‘storm of the century’, Typhoon Usagi passed through southern China having little major effect on HK. The T8 signal remained hoisted overnight, leading to a morning off for many citizens.

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via Vincent Yu/AP

Other territories did not fare so well – 25 people were killed in the mainland and 2 in the Philippines

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Hangzhou, Zhejiang province yesterday., via Chance Chan, Reuters

Video by Edwin Lee et al of Fallout Media…

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via Tomas Wiik on Flickr

Flights were cancelled and public transport was abandoned…

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via Tomas Wiik on Flickr

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Many passengers were understandably stranded at the airport, though – bizarrely – some seemed surprised and angry.

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Via Laurent Fievet, Agence France-Presse/Getty Image

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via Tomas Wiik on Flickr

The SCMP captured a time-lapse of the incoming storm…

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via Tomas Wiik on Flickr

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via WSJ

Some went out storm-chasing, uploading photos and videos as they went…

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via James Reynolds on Twitter

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via Tomas Wiik on Flickr

Meanwhile, a number of Hong Kong’s long-suffering maid community were not allowed to return home until 2 hours after the T8 signal was raised (at 9pm)…

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via James Reynolds on Twitter

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via Tomas Wiik on Flickr

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via Tomas Wiik on Flickr

Locals willed the storm on in the hope of a day off on Monday. “Typhoon, please don’t leave”, reads the window tape below…

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via Gary Fan

…others went surfing…

…A few supermarkets saw panic buying by customers who had perhaps forgotten that 7/11 would remain open even during the apocalypse…

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via H.L.Tam on Flickr

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via WSJ

One Hong Konger sporting speedos was perpetually on standby to abandon ship…

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via Richard A Brooks, AFP

Others expressed fears that a direct hit to HK would cause a repeat of Fukushima at nearby Dana Bay Nuclear Plant just over the border…

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The mainstream media blew the incoming storm out of all proportion whilst expatriates on social media remained insufferable throughout the weekend, giving live updates on their plight…

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By 9:30am on Monday, the typhoon signal had been lowered to a T3, meaning most Hong Kongers had to head into work.

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