Video: Chengdu rapper Xie Di takes aim at China’s white expats in ‘Stupid Immigrants’

Chengdu rapper Cai Zhenhong – also known as “Fat Shady” or “Xie Di” – has rallied against foreigners living in China in catchy number entitled “Stupid Immigrants.”

Chengdu rapper Cai Zhenhong

Chengdu rapper Cai Zhenhong. Photo: YouTube screenshot.

Cai seemingly targets privileged white expatriates, with references to English teachers, entrepreneurs and models. Peppered with insults and middle-finger gestures, the lyrics also take aim at women who associate themselves with foreigners.

Not all viewers were impressed: “Why is he standing around foreigner-made luxury vehicles and wearing western clothes, then? Practice what you preach, chicken wuss,” wrote one Reddit user. Though others said the lyrics were targeting only a certain demographic: “I don’t see any racism or xenophobia in this video, it’s just targeting the “bad” foreigners, and everybody here knows that there are those people her in China.”

The original Weibo and YouTube posts featuring the video have been removed.