HELPERS – Writer? Translator? Lobbyist? Volunteer for HK Helpers Campaign

HK Helpers Campaign VolunteerA message from our sister site, HK Helpers Campaign.

HK Helpers Campaign is a successful and much-needed platform fighting for the rights of domestic workers in Hong Kong. To continue our work, our multimedia advocacy and legal project needs more hands on deck.

Keeping up momentum

  • Over the past nine months, our campaign has worked with dozens of journalists and media outlets to raise awareness of the challenges domestic workers face.
  • Professional photographers and videographers have linked with us to help shape the debate and shine a more positive light on the local helper community.
  • Our campaign has been featured on CNN and in the Wall Street Journal, Quartz, the Guardian, the South China Morning Post and others.
  • Our website is a respected hub for breaking news, research and events information whilst our legal team is assembling cases to challenge the law.
  • We are now hosting support information for the community in six different languages.
  • This summer, we were officially registered as a society and began work on our Chinese website launch.
HK Helpers Campaign 2013-2014

HK Helpers Campaign 2013-2014

Volunteer appeal

  • HK Helpers Campaign has some excellent ideas, but needs more volunteers to help realise them. Everyone behind the campaign is unpaid – including the founders and legal team. There is little direct reward, but we act as advocates as we’ve seen how we can influence how the media represents this issue and believe that our campaign points are winnable if the rules are challenged in court.
  • Our site is acting as a legal repository and archive for helper-related stories and has to be maintained. Currently, we are urgently seeking:
    • English and Chinese-speaking writers/bloggers. We require writers to produce blog posts as-and-when news breaks and volunteers with journalistic experience to create original content. We are also hoping to develop a new permanent section of our website for local employers of domestic workers. A familiarity with WordPress and social media would be useful.
    • Chinese translators. We need volunteers to proofread our new website and translate English posts into Chinese. All of our Chinese content is resyndicated via InMedia.
    • Educators. Having received many enquiries from local schools, we hope to work with local educators to produce free learning materials and lesson packs that promote diversity and enable debate on the issue of domestic workers and minorities.
    • Political lobbyist/policy campaigner. We are seeking someone with public policy experience who will work pro bono to promote our 3 campaign points to policy-makers, NGOs and industry.
    • Professional photographer or videographers. Can you help this issue go viral? Please pitch your ideas to us.

Friday meeting

Interested? If you are able to volunteer some of your time or expertise, please join our meeting this Friday evening in Kowloon and meet the team.

For more details, please tell us about your background and experience by email and we will get back to you.

Thank you.

HK Helpers CampaignSupport the HK Helpers Campaign and their 3 simple, winnable campaign points.