PLACES – Beautiful Bride’s Pool Waterfalls

With its idyllic pools, magnificent waterfalls and dizzying, rugged uplands, Plover Cove, in Hong Kong’s north-east, is home to some of the territory’s most spectacular scenery.

Bus 75K from Tai Po Market MTR goes to Tai Mei Tuk bus terminus, the starting point for various hikes for all levels of fitness. However, green minibus 20C from the MTR heads right up to Wu Kau Tang, arguably a better, quieter starting point for some of the best Plover Cove trails.

From Wu Kau Tang, the more adventurous can try the Reservoir Country Trail (7hrs) or there is a short, flat hike through woods and streams to Bride’s Pool waterfalls (40mins) as shown below. Upon reaching the main road, you can continue to Tai Mei Tuk on the slightly tougher Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail (2hrs) which begins directly over the road. After lunch there is the option to cycle to Tai Wai MTR (1-way hire $60-100, 90mins – 2hrs).

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On a side-note, it is worth bearing in mind that cycling the classic Tai Mei Tuk > Tai Wai (or vice-versa) waterfront route is a tragicomic farce of the highest order on public holidays. Families and couples pour onto the red tarmac lanes on bicycles, tandems and four-wheel contraptions, few – seemingly – with much experience. The ensuing chaos makes Wacky Races look as dignified as Ascot.

Fashions range from head-to-toe professional lyrca cycling gear to full-face-of-makeup and Sunday best – however, no-0ne knows how to ride a bike. Some adults even have stabilisers, and accidents are so common that there are ‘ambulance bikes’ riding up and down the waterfront scraping calamitous kids, bloodied adults and confused elderly folks off the ground. It’s funny, if not slightly lethal.

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