EVENTS – In Pictures: HK Goes Completely Insane For Big Yellow Duck’s Arrival

Photos from the official arrival of the 16.5m yellow duck at Victoria Harbour today…

LAby2R9.png (637×337)

via Edwin Lee

For more on Florentijn Hofman’s month-long installation, click here for a previous blog entry on the event.

Tourists and the unemployed welcomed the duck this morning. via

Hong Kongers are warned to brace for at least a week’s worth of social networking news feed updates related to the plastic bath-time favourite.

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via SCMP

Travel companies are already offering tours of the installation site for mainland visitors. Harbour City, which is hosting Florentijn Hofman’s big yellow sculpture, has an accompanying gallery along with merchandise available for visitors.

via Harbour City FB

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The accompanying exhibition at Harbour City. via Harbour City FB.

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via AP

If you enjoyed the giant duck, then you may also be interested in the giant inflatable dog shit, which is debuted at West Kowloon Cultural District last week.

E3nfYjQl.png (640×281)


1mqWoGDl.png (640×290)

Rolling out the yellow carpet, ready for a bubble bath. via

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via HelishotsHK


Hofman claims that  “The friendly, floating Rubber Duck has healing properties: it can relieve tensions as well as define them. [It] is soft, friendly and suitable for all ages.”

AJkOCtrl.jpg (640×640)

via Peter Choi.

The oversized aquatic toy comes in peace, “knows no frontiers, doesn’t discriminate against people and doesn’t have a political connotation”. The duck is on a world tour…

QRoACZXl.jpg (587×640)

An interview with the creator…

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via Alex Hoffard

The South China Morning Mouthpiece has officially gone ‘full retard’, publishing no less than 6 articles about the plump pontoon and live-blogging its arrival…

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via SCMP.

pTx614C.jpg (600×450)

Creepy-ass photo from within the duck, via Florentijn Hofman.

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via SCMP.

The duck has 200 components including 3 concrete anchors weighing 3 tonnes…

PUiPV3Wl.jpg (640×387)

Click to enlarge (Chinese)

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via YSYAlexis on Twitter.

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via Touch Magazine.

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Duck merchandise. Profits go to mental health charity, the Joyful Foundation.

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HK star Andy Lau visited the duck last week.

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via CosmoGirl! HK / HK Magazine

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The moment recreated at ‘City Impressions @ Tsim Sha Tsui’ exhibition in Central. Click for more shots of the LEGO exhibition in Central.

The duck has since been awarded permanent residency…

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rV5TIq3l.jpg (640×640)

9WaA5um.jpg (550×366)

Now, everyone say ‘waaah’…

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