Daily Archives: September 15, 2012

PLACES – Exploring the Abandoned ‘Haunted’ TV Studios in Ho Chung (Photos + Video)

Before ‘Made in China’, there was ‘Made in Taiwan’ and before that, cheap toys, electronics and textiles poured out of Hong Kong. For a city short on space, there are still hundreds of huge, abandoned factories scattered around the New Territories and suburban areas of Kowloon and HK Island.

In Ho Chung, near Sai Kung Town, a multi-storey dying factory was converted into TV studios for local broadcaster ATV. Vacated in the 2000s, this huge urban space is now being reclaimed by nature (and graffiti artists). The site, next to Che Kung Temple, is surrounded by walls and fencing but is often used by photographers and is said to be haunted.

Click to enlarge the panoramic images below. Scroll down a little for an HD video.