Daily Archives: March 24, 2013

PHOTOGRAPHY – ‘Elite’ – Michael Chan’s Commentary on Education & Poverty

Michael Chan’s work makes a direct link between poverty in Hong Kong and its outdated education system, which emphasises constant assessment over creativity. His creative photographic series ‘Elite’ is best explained in his own words…

If the use of the word ‘poverty’ is meant to be understood as ‘absolute poverty’, then there may not be that many ‘poor people’ in Hong Kong. This kind of narrow interpretation differs from the social reality of Hong Kong today. To understand Hong Kong’s ‘poverty problem’, first we must clarify the definition of poverty.

The Gini index in Hong Kong is amongst the top five in the world, which means there is a serious gap between the rich and the poor. All shades of unfair social phenomena – such as educational favouritism, monopolies, real estate hegemony, difficulties facing the elderly and new immigrants, etc. – all contribute to the growth of poverty.