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ART – Holy Duck: Gigantic Yellow Rubber Bath Toy Visiting Harbour

A gigantic yellow inflatable rubber duck is docking in Victoria Harbour this month, where it will remain for 4 weeks. The 16.5 metre-high bathtub favourite is on a on a 10 country, 12 city tour. It will be displayed alongside a gallery at Harbour City and is HK’s first maritime art exhibition in conjunction with AllRightsReserved HK.

bqcFLX1l.jpg (640×427)

via U Magazine

It is hoped that the orange-beaked plump pontoon will not contract duck-lung cancer or a similar respiratory disease during its extended stay next to the Star Ferry.

Jced04X.png (635×354)

via Apple Daily

The oversized aquatic toy comes in peace, “knows no frontiers, doesn’t discriminate against people and doesn’t have a political connotation”, said its Dutch creator, Florentijn Hofman, “the rubber duck connects everyone’.