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HISTORY – The Abandoned Military Base on HK’s Wild Outpost of Tung Ping Chau (Part 3)

A final collection of shots from Hong Kong’s wild ‘Jumanji island’. Tung Ping Chau is the territory’s furthest flung ‘ghost’ island, too isolated to be featured on most maps. Its proximity to mainland China has meant there has long been a security detail based on the island…

In 1975, British military Gurkhas built a training camp on the strategically important outpost of Tung Ping Chau. It was constructed over 7 months, years before the prospect of HK’s handover to China was even discussed.

The camp is relatively small in size and has now been mothballed – air-conditioners, doors and windows have been solidly boarded up and the site is surrounded by fences and barbed wire.