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BLOG – Kowloon Walled City Recreated in Japan: Pictures

Home to 33,000 people, the notorious Kowloon Walled City was torn down by the colonial government in the 1990s. There are few photos or videos of what life was like within its infamous walls, but you can view a brief history here and see some shots of the sprawling community before it was demolished.

Though only a park remains on the site today, a new games arcade has recreated the Walled City in Kawasaki City, Japan. ‘Digital Kowloon City‘ has an appropriately grimy and industrial atmosphere and includes a mock restaurant, a mock cinema and even a (very out of place looking) escalator…

cS9CFu0l.jpg (640×359)

Via another-tokyo.com

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Courtesy: David at Randomwire.com