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NEWS – CY Leung’s Wife Patron of Group Behind Anti-Democracy Ad in SCMP

CY Leung’s wife, Regina Leung Tong Ching-yee, is an honorary patron of the Hong Kong Federation of Women – a group which placed an inflammatory statement against the city’s democracy movement in the South China Morning Post last week. Concerns were raised today after the discrepancy was spotted on social media.

Regina Leung

Screenshot from the Hong Kong Federation of Women website

On the website, the group claims to be “a non-profit making and non-political organisation”, despite the cryptic advertisement which warns readers to ‘think of the children’. Last year, Mrs Leung stepped down as patron of a charitable NGO named ‘Food For Good’ due to a conflict of interest. She is also under pressure from Vision First, a local refugee NGO, to step down as patron of the ‘International Social Service’ (ISS) due to a conflict. The group, which has a contract with the government to care for asylum seekers, is under scrutiny for apparently housing refugees in slum-like conditions and providing inadequate rations.

NEWS – HK Girl Guides Association Signs Anti-Occupy Central Statement

The Girl Guides Association has signed a statement placed in the South China Morning Post calling upon its readers to think of the city’s children. It is unclear if the advertisement was taking aim at the ongoing civil referendum, the pro-democracy Occupy Central movement or both. Girl Guides Hong Kong have refused to comment or answer questions related to the matter and it remains unclear whether their involvement is reflective of the views of the young women it represents.

Most other signatories, under the umbrella of the Hong Kong Federation of Women, are local community associations but also include a number of health and sports organisations.

Women's Association Hong Kong

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Earlier this month, the normally apolitical business chambers of Hong Kong, Bahrain, Italy, India and Canada published a statement condemning the proposed pro-democracy ‘sit-in’. The British, American and Australian chambers were not listed, whilst the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has stated, separately, that it expects any acts of civil disobedience to have a minimal impact on trade.

NEWS – Students Protest HK’s No.2 Politician at Graduation Ceremony

During a graduation ceremony this evening at the Cultural Centre, students from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts turned their backs in protest at the city’s number two official, Carrie Lam.

Carrie Lam

via Housenews

Some students ignored the Chief Secretary whilst others crossed their arms – a gesture popularised during 2012 Scholarism protests against a ‘patriotic education’ programme which Lam supported.

POLITICS – Talking Rubbish: 11 Untruths About the Shek Kwu Chau Incinerator

Guest Post: Hong Kong is looking to add another superlative to its awards cabinet, as the government plans to construct the world’s largest, most expensive waste incinerator of its kind in the territory. Our guest writer, Rachel Chan, of The Naked Island Project & Living Islands Movement, debunks 11 myths, claims and untruths ahead of a protest tomorrow in Central at 2:30pm.

#1 Untruth: Burning waste is the only solution.

Hong Kong must have an Incinerator to dispose of our Municipal Solid Waste, says the Environmental Protection Department (EPD). However, plasma arc technology and localised efforts that generate power are amongst the many alternatives. What is needed is sustainable management of rubbish, by reducing waste with proper sorting and recycling. (More details on Plan B here.)

#2 Untruth: There is no danger to public health.

The outdated technology will spew toxic air into the atmosphere, adding to Hong Kong’s already abysmal air pollution. An estimated 3,100 deaths in 2013 were related to air pollution in the city. Heart disease and lung disease are the most common pollution linked causes of death. There has been no full health impact assessment for the incinerator and the risks are largely unknown. According to medical experts the two main dangers to health from incinerators are dioxins and airborne particulate matter.  These have been linked to cancer, heart disease and asthma. Proximity to incinerators has also been linked to birth defects.

Hong Kong pollution

via Wikicommons

NEWS – Beijing Orders Its Media to Delete HK Poll News As Almost 750,000 Vote

China’s powerful State Council Information Office has ordered mainland media outlets to “find and delete” all references to Hong Kong’s unofficial democracy referendum. The directive from censorship chiefs, below, was leaked to the University of California’s journalism department.

China propaganda

The directive gives an insight into how explicit such instructions can be. It was coupled with an order for Guangdong TV broadcasts to block signals from Hong Kong.

HKU’s Weiboscope project also reveals that related internet searches have also been blocked. 

PHOTOGRAPHY – Edward Barnieh’s Vibrant Hong Kong Instagram Shots

Englishman Edward Barnieh has a sizeable Instagram following, where he showcases his shots of Hong Kong. Today, he shares some of his favourites with Hong Wrong…

 Edward Barnieh Hong Kong photography

He says, “I try to capture both the beauty and the reality of Hong Kong. How it is enjoyed by both locals, visitors and people who have never experienced this fascinating city.”

PHOTOGRAPHY – Domestic Worker & Photographer Xyza Cruz Bacani

Filipino domestic worker Xyza Cruz Bacani‘s black and white street photography caught the attention of the New York Times this week. Today, she shares her work with Hong Wrong & HK Helpers Campaign.

Xyza works for an ageing Chinese-Australian woman in a wealthy part of Hong Kong.