Daily Archives: June 11, 2014

VIDEO – Infamous ‘Pick-Up Artist’ Confronted by Hong Konger in Taiwan

A ‘professional pick-up artist’ who was the subject of a viral video last month has set local tabloids and online forums alight once more. “David Bond” has been spotted by netizens in Taiwan, where a Hong Kong netizen confronted him about his treatment of local women. In the video, “Bond”, and his friend Alex, backtrack on the original claim that the man in their Lan Kwai Fong video was the girlfriend of the woman they supposedly “stole”.

NEWS – Handprints, Gov’t ID, Photo: Is This The World’s Most Invasive ATM?

A new Bitcoin ATM in Sham Shui Po has raised eyebrows amongst Hong Kong’s cryptocurrency community. The Robocoin machine, run by a company named Bitculus asks customers to give 4 scans of their hand print, a phone number, a photograph and government ID simply to complete a Bitcoin transaction. It also charges fees of 9% – above the normal transactions fees associated with the digital currency. It was installed on May 29th at the Golden Computer Centre as part of a ‘soft launch’.

One user on a local Bitcoin forum asked “Why these extensive measures? Why register with SIM, photo, HKID, palm scan? What else do they want? A drop of blood, stool samples, my first born and access to my Facebook account?” Some were concerned that the requirements may damage the reputation of Bitcoin and are at odds with its emphasis on privacy.

PLACES – Sea Ranch: The 1970s ‘Post-Apocalyptic Discovery Bay’ Once Left to Decay

In an accessible area of south-west Lantau lies a 200-unit 1970s luxury resort called Sea Ranch. The eerie residential development was once described by Time Out as feeling “like visiting Discovery Bay after a direct hit from a neutron bomb“.

via AirB'n'B

The resort was completed in 1979, but accrued massive debt and was the subject of years of legal wrangling. Despite its notoriety, the self-contained enclave in Chi Ma Wan has quite idyllic surroundings and is visible to passengers on the Hong Kong-Macau ferry routes.

There is now renewed interest, with several units undergoing refurbishment and more residents moving there, attracted by the secluded setting.