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VIDEO – Anti-Occupy Central Video Predicts Apocalyptic Scenes in HK

A video produced by the pro-government Silent Majority group predicts total chaos in Hong Kong should a planned pro-democracy sit-in take place. The four-minute video entitled ‘They Can Kill This City’ depicts territory-wide traffic jams, fires, automatic weapons and people dying of strokes and heart attacks as a result of the Occupy Central with Love and Peace campaign…

The narrator and convenor, Robert Chow, spoke on RTHK this morning of a ‘catastrophe’ whereby the city will be paralysed and Hong Kongers will have no access to food…

NEWS – ‘Fortress LegCo’ Ahead of Protest Against Rural Development Plan

Hong Kong’s Legislative Council headquarters are on full lock down as the government announces ‘special arrangements‘ ahead of an upcoming rally. Hundreds are expected to gather at LegCo this Friday in opposition of a Finance Committee discussion on funding for the North-East New Territories Development Plan.

via memehk.com

via memehk.com

Dozens of barricades have been erected and holes have been drilled into the ground surrounding LegCo, presumably to hold barricades in place.

Last Friday, scuffles broke out as activists attempted to gain entry to the legislative building. 21 people were arrested by police, who – at one point – dragged away RTHK journalist Luther Ng Lap-tak. RTHK and the Hong Kong Journalists Association condemned the police action whilst the Civil Front said the excessive use of force and pepper spray by the authorities was “barbaric, illegal and unprofessional.

NEWS – Bank Won’t Apologise as ‘Racist’ Ad Sparks Outrage Amongst Netizens

Hong Leong Group’s ‘racist’ advert, featuring a man in ‘blackface’, has been made ‘private’ on YouTube after Hong Wrong invited readers to share their thoughts with the bank. The advert is presumably still running on ‘Roadshow’ bus TV channels though campaign material has been removed from their website. After two days of requests from the blog, the bank has yet to respond but gave a fallacious ‘non-apology apology‘ to a netizen saying it ‘regrets‘ customers took offence.

Outraged netizens have flooded the company’s social media pages with comments, with some asking why they couldn’t have simply hired a Filipino or Indonesian actor.

Racist Hong Kong advert reactions