Daily Archives: June 20, 2014

NEWS – Cyber Attack Amongst Largest Ever As ‘Anonymous’ Declares War

Web performance company, Cloudflare, have said that this week’s attack on Occupy Central was “one of the largest and most persistent DDoS attacks in the history of the internet”. The flood of malicious traffic that hit the HKU-hosted PopVote website on Tuesday is comparable to the notorious ‘spamhaus‘ attack last year which Cloudflare said “nearly broke the internet”.

DDoS attack Hong Kong

VIDEO – Mini-documentary on Hong Kong Pet Cemeteries

HKU students Arshiya Khullar, Agnes Lu, Susie Wu, Kenton Chan have produced a 15-minute short film about a Hong Kong pet cemetery, following two local families as they say goodbye to their much-loved animals. The mini-documentary follows a young boy as he bids farewell to his cat Lulu and a woman who lets go of her sick dog…