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PHOTOGRAPHY – Occupy Central: Photo Story from the Eye of the Storm Part 1/2

Photos from the eye of the storm – government headquarters in Tamar – as day one of Occupy Central unfolded. See part two here.

By Sunday morning, momentum gained from the week-long student strike was fading. The students that remained continued to reinforce barricades they had erected around the roads leading to LegCo. Others faced police in front of Civic Square, which had been cleared after students occupied the closed forecourt.

First aiders, some of them medical students, were prepared.

VIDEO – Occupy Central: Must-see Clips from Day 1

Videos from day one of Occupy Central.

In one of the day’s most shocking clips, police are shown pepper spraying an elderly protester at point blank range – via James Griffiths:

The following video went viral and is currently trending on the front page of Reddit:

PHOTOGRAPHY – Photos from Tamar as Thousands Surround Gov’t HQ

Update: LIVE updates & video stream here.

Photos from yesterday evening, as thousands of protesters continue to surround government headquarters in Admiralty. Overnight, Occupy Central announced that the sit-in demonstration would be brought forward to today.

NEWS – Surprise Announcement as Organisers Bring Occupy Central Forward to Sunday

Update: LIVE updates & video stream here.

In a surprise announcement, Occupy Central organisers have said that the first pro-democracy sit-in protest will now begin today. Conveners Reverend Chu Yiu-ming, Dr Benny Tai Yiu-ting, and Chan Kin-man have addressed protesters at LegCo, declaring that “the banquet” will start on Sunday in Admiralty.

Tai says the decision is due to “the very enthusiastic participation of Hong Kong citizens” as thousands of demonstrators continue to surround government headquarters at Tamar.

KvOb4EW.jpg (798×537)

Originally, the occupation demo was set to start this coming Wednesday, a public holiday.

Occupy Central Press Release, 28.9.14

NEWS – HK Solidarity Rallies to be Held in Nine Foreign Cities Today

Hundreds of protesters are expected to join rallies in nine foreign cities today in support of Hong Kong’s democracy movement, organisers say.

rifKFMI.jpg (960×639)

Demonstrations in Canada, the US, Bosnia and Britain are being planned as part of a wider global solidarity movement involving petitions, marches and “Yellow Ribbon Days” in favour of universal suffrage for Hong Kong.

The international events are taking place after a week-long pro-democracy student strike in Hong Kong and ahead of a series of sit-in protests organised by pro-democracy group Occupy Central. Dozens of students remain gathered at government headquarters where protest leader Joshua Wong was arrested last night.

VIDEO – The Most Pressing Question About Occupy Central: Solved

For months, the pro-democracy movement has been preoccupied with a very pressing conundrum involving a very different kind of movement. Hundreds – perhaps thousands – of activists are preparing to take part in the first Occupy Central protest. They are set to remain in the city’s central business district for hours or days on end, but how will they be expected to relieve themselves?

The police have previously indicated that protesters may be ‘kettled‘ or penned into areas where they may be allowed to leave, but not return. Only two public toilets are available near the Chater Road protest area and Tai previously stated that only 40 mobile toilets had been ordered for the protest. As organisers are set to announce more details about the demonstration on Thursday morning, an unofficial video has emerged offering a DIY solution to those concerned about answering the call of nature whilst fighting for universal suffrage.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Shots from Tamar as Student Strikers Gather at Gov’t HQ

A local photographer who goes by the pseudonym ‘Cloud‘ shares pictures from today’s student rally with the blog.

Hundreds gathered at government headquarters in Admiralty as part of a week-long student ‘strike’ for universal suffrage. As of Tuesday evening, some are saying they will remain on site over night.