Daily Archives: October 15, 2014

VIDEO – Video Allegedly Shows Seven HK Police Officers Beating Arrested Protester

TVB have aired footage allegedly showing seven police officers kicking and punching a handcuffed protester after they were arrested. The protester was Ken Tsang – a Civic Party activist and social worker. The beating, in a dark corner of Tamar Park, lasted four minutes. Netizens have attempted to identify the officers involved as Security Chief Lai Tung-kwok says all of officers have been ‘reassigned’.

Click here for a clearer version of the video. In a statement, police said they will investigate the incident:

NEWS – Frontlines: Umbrellas vs Riot Shields as Occupy Camp Expands

A HongWrong.com / Huffington Post cross-feature.

At around 9:40pm last night, a small group of Umbrella Movement activists dragged metal barriers on to Lung Wo Road at the rear of government headquarters. The area near the main Occupy camp was previously open to traffic. But after some debate, a small group of demonstrators moved in to block the road.

With fewer than a dozen police officers on the scene, pro-democracy protesters reinforced barriers on the eastbound side of Lung Wo Road with cable ties. The move came after police cleared an area of barricades at the southern end of the main protest site earlier in the day.