EVENTS – Tiananmen Anniversary Candlelit Vigil

Tens of thousands of Hong Kongers will gather again in Victoria Park on Monday for the 23rd commemoration of the Tiananmen Square massacre. It is the second vigil since the death of HK Alliance founder Szeto Wah.

The Alliance has five operational goals:

  • Release all dissidents
  • Rehabilitate the 1989 pro-democracy movement
  • Demand accountability for the massacre
  • End the one-party dictatorship
  • Build a democratic China

There is an a very moving and solemn atmosphere as the park lights up. It is clear that Hong Kongers have not forgotten about justice and human rights – the incident, understandably, caused great panic and concern in colonial HK. Our city remains the only place in China where annual protests – or even references to – ‘6/4’ are tolerated.

Candles are handed out at the entrances – it is best to arrive early to avoid the crush, and leave the park from Tin Hau station.

After the commemoration, it is likely that a hardcore of protesters – led by Long Hair – will continue to the China Liaison Office and hold out until removed by police.

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The phot below was taken near LEGCO in May 1989 – days before the bloody crackdown took place in the capital…

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