EVENTS – Win Free Tickets for the Affordable Art Fair This Weekend

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Hong Wrong is offering a pair of free tickets – worth HK$240 – to the Affordable Art Fair at the Wan Chai Exhibition Centre. Simply tweet this page (with @hongwrongblog) or ‘re-share’ our post on Facebook. On Thursday, tickets will be mailed to a winner, chosen at random, in time for the weekend. Opening hours are as follows…

  • Friday, 15th March, 12noon-6pm.
  • Saturday, 16 March, 12noon-8pm.
  • Sunday, 17 March, 11am-6pm.

With Art Basel HK on the horizon, this weekend promises to be a refreshing change from the usual works and galleries seen at the city’s art fairs. Pieces from established names as well as from young, emerging artists will be on display and available to buy. Price tags will range from HK$1,000 to HK$100,000, and over 120 galleries are participating.

Regular tickets are available over at HK Ticketing or click here for a Buy-One-Get-One-Free offer on the door. A full guide to the fair can be found in this week’s HK Magazine.

The fair includes work by Keith Macgregor…

WPryUWKl.jpg (640×426)

ncQzLea.jpg (590×389)

Justine Smith…

8noq9eEl.jpg (640×504)

Zhang Hui…

OxLuQGxl.jpg (569×640)

Barry Cawston…

RHedi67l.jpg (640×374)

and Ron Yue…

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Click here for an overview of the weekend’s events and talks.

Hong Wrong has extensive photographic coverage of HK’s art scene. Click a festival below…

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