Be still my beating heart: KFC’s Double Down hits Hong Kong

Hong Kong KFC outlets let the Double Down Dog off the leash on Thursday, bringing a new breed of the abomination aptly described as an “unwieldy fried meat Oreo” to a franchise near you.

The Double Down Burger originally began life as an April Fools’ Day press release, but within a few short years it gave rise to an all-too-real variation in the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and elsewhere.

The original Double Down Burger

The original Double Down Burger from the United States. Photo: Wikicommons.

Darkening Hong Kong’s shores is a truncated version of the heart-stopping original: two deep-fried chicken breast “buns” enclosing bacon and molten cheese.

In the Philippines, the Double Down was limited to select KFC outlets when it first launched, with a maximum of 50 units sold per day for a brief but undoubtedly glorious two-day window.

In Hong Kong, the Double Down will be available after 11:00am from August 20 all the way to September 19 at all local KFCs—except those in Sha Tin Centre, Telford Plaza, Ocean Terminal, Hong Kong Stadium, AsiaWorld-Expo and Shantung Street.

KFC Double Down Dog in Hong Kong

The “no-bread burger” arrives in Hong Kong. Photo: KFC.

For just HK$36.90, you can get your hands on a Double Down meal complete with a soft drink and an order of tortilla chips drowned by yet more coagulated cheese.

As well as a “heart attack waiting to happen,” the Double Down has also been described as junk food tailor-made for the social media age, designed to be spread via sarky YouTube reviews and ironic Instagram snaps rather than to be eaten and enjoyed.

Double Down ad

Double Down ad. Photo: KFC.

Whether or not you should eat the Double Down is unclear; but with an advertising campaign that has featured it’s very own hashtag, the people at KFC are at least certain that you should tweet it.