BLOG – How to See Fireflies in Hong Kong

There is still time this year to see fireflies in Hong Kong. Breeding season is from April till November depending on the species – HK is home to around a dozen different species…

Pteroptyx Maipo firefly

The rare Pteroptyx Maipo firefly – photo via HK Entomological Society

They prefer high hills with clean streams (which provide mollusks, which they eat). Numbers can vary from the dozens to hundreds, depending on weather conditions.

There are 10 good sites around the city to view them at dusk. The easiest spot to reach is on the Tai Po Kau Nature Trail off Tai Po Road. The trail starts at a rest area and car park. Take KMB bus 72, 72A, 73A, 74A or green minibus 28K. Get off at Tsung Tsai Yuen bus stop, and walk 50-100m west to the entrance to the nature reserve. Alternatively, take a taxi from Tai Po Market MTR. Beware of tour buses at weekends – the fireflies are popular!


Image via

If you’re not lucky enough to catch the fireflies, Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve is also home to barking deer, civet cats, birds, frogs and many species of butterfly and other insects and bugs.

Fireflies can also be seen at the Wetlands Park earlier in the year or HK Ecotourism Society provides guided tours in Tai Po for HK$60 (Tel: 2563-4422), but it’s easy to do alone. Bring a torch and bug spray but please turn off your lights at the stream.