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Stressed over exams? HKU’s therapy dog Jasper will lend a paw

University of Hong Kong students experiencing stress during the examination season can now head to the law library to chill out with the school’s newest resident – Jasper.

Jasper is a nine-year-old English Sheepdog adopted from Hong Kong Dog Rescue. He is the university’s therapy dog, introduced as part of a new pilot programme. Jasper will be available for 30-minutes sessions at the library at University of Hong Kong on December 11, 13 and 15 – the peak of exam season.


Photo: The University of Hong Kong – HKU – 香港大學 via Facebook.

Video: Dutch ‘Black Pete’ character appears at Disco Bay Christmas parade, prompting racism row

A traditional Dutch Christmas festival in which people don blackface has made an appearance at Discovery Bay beach, Lantau.

In a video shared by Localiiz on Saturday, five characters can be seen arriving on a boat wearing blackface make-up, lipstick and large wigs. According to the tradition, Zwarte Piet – or Black Pete – is meant to be the servant of Sinterklaas, or St. Nichloas.

Across the Netherlands, the character celebrates the start of the Christmas season by giving out gifts to children alongside Santa Claus. According to polls, most Dutch see the practice as uncontroversial, though – internationally – the tradition has long raised eyebrows, not least owing to Holland’s colonial history.

Kids’ handover celebration posters warn of garbage pollution and ‘dirty hypocrites’

Thirteen Hong Kong primary school students won awards in a government competition celebrating the 20th anniversary of the city’s handover the China on Friday.

Receiving over 3,000 submissions from December to February, the theme of the poster competition was “When I’m 20.” Children were asked to design a poster to share their thoughts of what life will be like when they enter their 20s. Secondary school students and members of the public were also invited to film videos on the theme of “togetherness.”

HKFP’s picks from the poster collection:

‘Love Hong Kong Build Hong Kong Co-build Hong Kong’, Chan Sau-yee

In Pictures: Andy Yeung’s amazing 360º bird’s-eye views of Hong Kong

Last month, photographer Andy Yeung began creating a series of rotatable 360-degree bird’s-eye view shots from picturesque locations in Hong Kong, wowing viewers.

Locations included Hong Kong’s highest peak of Tai Mo Shan, the working-class district of Sham Shui Po, and the faraway High Island Reservoir.

Video: A trippy new timelapse through the Hong Kong skyline to its dense housing estates

Faced with the highest property prices in the world, half of Hong Kong’s population of 7 million live in densely-populated high-rise public housing estates.

In his newest production “Homeland”, filmmaker Patrick Cheung captures a dazzling time-lapse of daily life and scenic views from these estates, juxtaposed with the city’s famous markets and temples.

Homeland", filmmaker Patrick Cheung

Homeland, by filmmaker Patrick Cheung.

Scenes were filmed in Yuen Long in the north, the working-class residential area of Wong Tai Sin, and the bustling district of Yau Ma Tei, among other locations.

“The people [who] live under the Lion Rock need to keep moving on,” writes Cheung.

In Pictures: A HK$168 strawberry? HK$4,288 apples? Over-packaged ‘designer’ fruit spark online fury

A HK$168 strawberry spotted at CitySuper supermarket has prompted a fiery debate over “designer” fruit and excess packaging.

designer fruit citysuper packaging

Photo: Natalia Golditch.

The Kotoka strawberry gift box includes a sticker which reads “Fresh By Air From Japan.”

Some Facebook commenters were as angry over the pricing as they were about the packaging.

designer fruit citysuper packaging

Photo: Wong Yuen-Ming.

“City super need public shaming… I don’t shop there anyway… mostly since prices are criminal and so is their packaging,” said one commenter. “Citysuper is ridiculously expensive!! Jeeez! HKD168 for ONE strawberry! Bloody hell!!” remarked another.

HKFP History: Happy Birthday Hong Kong – 176 years old today

It is an event that neither Hong Kong, China nor Britain are likely to be celebrating. Nevertheless, on this day – January 26 – in 1841, the British flag was first unfurled at Possession Point by Royal Navy sailors.

possession street

Photo: Chris Needos.

At the time, Hong Kong was a sleepy backwater, though it would prove to be a handy trading outpost. “Albert is so amused at my having got the island of Hong Kong”, wrote Queen Victoria in 1841.

First Opium War, via Wikicommons

First Opium War, via Wikicommons

The Convention of Chuenpee ceded Hong Kong to the British after the First Opium War in which 600 Chinese soldiers died.

Witness 32 years of Hong Kong land reclamation with this animated satellite timelapse

Google timelapse uses 33 cloud-free annual mosaics shot between 1984 and 2016 to demonstrate how Earth has changed over the past 32 years. Its Hong Kong “time machine” combines satellite data to show the extent of the city’s land reclamation works. Use the animated slider to watch parts of Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, Chek Lap Kok airport and Disneyland emerge from the ocean.

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