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In Pictures: Not just for scaffolding – Kowloon Bay’s stunning bamboo pavilion

In summer 2015, construction workers erected a new pavilion for public events in Kowloon Bay, next to the MegaBox shopping mall. The pavilion was unique in that bamboo was not only used as scaffolding material – the entire structure is, in fact, made out of bamboo.

ZCB Bamboo Pavilion CUHK Chinese University of Hong Kong architecture Kowloon Bay

Photo: Michael Law.

The ZCB Bamboo Pavilion was designed by a research team led by Kristof Crolla, an assistant professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)’s School of Architecture. It forms part of the Construction Industry Council’s Zero Carbon Building complex, which first opened in 2012.

ZCB Bamboo Pavilion CUHK Chinese University of Hong Kong architecture Kowloon Bay

Photo: Michael Law.

In Pictures: Dear humans, how many pairs of shoes do you need?

Lantau resident “Billy the Cow” has collected photos of washed-up footwear on Pui O beach. His shots were taken as Hongkongers spend a second weekend clearing beaches of an influx of trash.

beach trash hong kong

“Change your wasteful habits and stop blaming others for the mess we are creating for ourselves,” the photographer said.

beach trash hong kong

However, he was happy to see residents taking a greater interest in cleaning up shorelines. “This has been happening on Pui O Beach for many years, now. I am happy to see so many humans finally taking an interest in cleaning up my yard.”

beach trash hong kong

Internet united in disgust after ‘alien’ object found in rice milk carton

Internet users were aghast after photos of what looked like “an alien” found in a Rice Dream carton were posted on Sunday.

Netizens speculated what the foreign object in the drink could be, with one commenter suggesting that it “looks like some mega magnified alien cells,” on Facebook.

foreign object in rice milk

Photo: Anthony Tsang via Facebook.

Anthony Tsang, who posted the pictures, said: “When I saw it, my domestic helper and my wife were shocked. Then we were in a panic. My wife cried several times because she was so worried. But my two sons did not feel sick immediately after. The hygiene department would not specifically follow up with the case. We can only wait for a report from the FEHD [Food and Environmental Health Department].”

Skyline dims as Hong Kong takes part in Earth Hour blackout… with a notable exception

Lights went out across Hong Kong on Saturday night for the 10th annual Earth Hour. Organisers, the World Wildlife Fund, said that millions of people from 178 countries and territories took part.

However, when buildings across the city’s glittering harbourfront dimmed their lights, there was a notable exception in the People’s Liberation Army garrison headquarters. Netizens noted that lights at the PLA building continued blazing.

PLA building

Photo: Kylie Leung, via Facebook.

‘Ain’t nobody got time for that’: CY Leung ridiculed for lunchtime harbour swimming idea

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying has been ridiculed by netizens for suggesting that office workers in Central could go for a swim in the harbour if a harbourfront swimming area was set up near International Finance Centre (IFC).

Hong Kong and Kowloon Lifeguards Union spokesperson Kwok Chiu-kit mocked Leung for his “lack of common sense” as the Leisure and Cultural Services Department has warned people not to swim with a full stomach, reported Apple Daily.

離地CY叫人午飯後游水 救生員鬧冇常識「實嘔到一海都係」〈阿媽教落食飽飯就唔好游 〉Lunch time有啖安樂茶飯食已經好好,邊個得閒同你食完飯再去游水……【隔牆有耳:離地CY叫人午飯後游水救生員鬧冇常識「實嘔到一海都係」】 ←足本版【康文署一般水上安全守則】

Posted by 蘋果日報 on Tuesday, 8 March 2016

‘The struggle is real’: Total chaos as epic Siberian polar ice blast whips Hong Kongers

satire humour banner ribbon

Hong Kong remained in an icy grip on Sunday night as the city ground to a complete and total standstill. Schools, roads, the MTR, airport and all organs of government and enterprise came to a halt with temperatures sinking to lows of 3 degrees Celsius.

Snow hong kong

Photo: HKFP/ Sherman Sham remix.

“#PrayForHongKong” was trending on Twitter as leaders across the region urged citizens to donate fan heaters and insulation to bewildered Hong Kongers.

Many took respite in the city’s malls and cinemas which, during winter, remain air-conditioned to a relatively toasty 10 degrees Celsius.

weather snow hong kong

Bring your own bottle: Mobile app maps out over 800 public water fountains

Tired of buying bottled water in Hong Kong? A mobile app which maps public water sources in Hong Kong is growing in popularity.

Water for Free, a crowd-sourced online tool created by environmentalists, features over 800 water fountains and dispensers. If users discover a water fountain that is not listed, they can ask for it to be added.

google map water hong kong

Click for an interactive map.

Rachel Pang of Go Green Hong Kong, the group behind the app, told HKFP that the app encourages citizens to bring their own bottles and refill them, instead of buying bottled water.

In Pictures: Printed banners of flowers hide withered plants on roadside in China

Spring seemingly returned to Jilin Province this week.

china pollution


Printed banners of flowers were spotted on roads in Changchun on Monday.

China banner flowers


The printed plastic banners wrapped around road dividers hid “actual” withered plants.

china flowers banner


The scene is reminiscent of similar printed banners which appeared on the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront in 2013.

hong kong pollution

A tourist has her picture taken during a cloudy day in front of a billboard featuring photos of the city skyline with a clear sky in Hong Kong on August 30, 2013. Photo: AFP/Philippe Lopez


Be still my beating heart: KFC’s Double Down hits Hong Kong

Hong Kong KFC outlets let the Double Down Dog off the leash on Thursday, bringing a new breed of the abomination aptly described as an “unwieldy fried meat Oreo” to a franchise near you.

The Double Down Burger originally began life as an April Fools’ Day press release, but within a few short years it gave rise to an all-too-real variation in the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and elsewhere.

The original Double Down Burger

The original Double Down Burger from the United States. Photo: Wikicommons.

Darkening Hong Kong’s shores is a truncated version of the heart-stopping original: two deep-fried chicken breast “buns” enclosing bacon and molten cheese.

Spectacular sun halo shines down on Hong Kong as city sizzles

Hong Kong sky-gazers were treated to a spectacular sight as the city sizzled on Sunday – a so-called 22-degree halo around the sun.

yung shue wan lamma

Photograph of the sun halo taken by a resident from Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island. Photo: Marckq Scmidt via Facebook.

Although not particularly rare, the bright glowing halo, in vivid blue skies, prompted a flurry of stunning pictures uploaded to Facebook and Twitter. “Amazing” exclaimed one netizen, “beautiful” said another.

shau kei wan

Taken in Shau Kei Wan. Photo: Benny Wong via Facebook