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Video: Hong Kong’s maddening density explored by drone

In Wěndìng Fánróng, Mariana Bisti explores Hong Kong’s maddening density by drone. The 8-minute video was shot by the by London-based Greek photographer and architect during a ten week residency at the Academy of Visual Arts at Baptist University.

Mariana Bisti drone

Photo: Mariana Bisti screenshot.

Video: Who knew Hong Kong looked like this?

YouTuber Jack Shirley has captured Hong Kong at its most majestic, using a DJI Phantom 3 drone.

“When I moved from London to Hong Kong I assumed it was going to be ‘just another concrete jungle’… how wrong was I?” he wrote.

majestic hong kong

Locations in the video include:

1. Long Ke Wan
2. Tung Lung Chau
3. Kam Shan Country Park (reservoir)
4. Po Toi
5. Cheung Chau
6. Shing Mun Country Park (Reservoir)
7. Park Island
8. Sai Kung
9. Plover Cove Country Park
10. Grass Island
11. Tai O (Fishing village and Infinity Pool)
12. Tung Ping Chau
13. Ma On Shan
14. Brides Pool
15. Tai Ngam Hau (Sai Kung)
16. Discovery Bay
17. Hoi Ha (Sai Kung)
18. Tuen Mun

Video: ‘Rooftopping’ pair scale Causeway Bay skyscraper and film climb with a drone

A 16-year-old photographer and his friend have scaled the 240 metre Manulife Plaza and filmed themselves with a DJI Phantom 4 drone.

I trust you bro 😋📷 @ahmir_rai

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The pair also posted a “tram surfing” video recently.

Disclaimer: “Rooftopping” is dangerous and often unlawful.

Video: Russian climbers cheat death once more, tackling Shenzhen’s 384m Shun Hing Tower

Russian daredevils Madkhorov and Raskalov from On The Roofs have released footage of their climb to the top of Shenzhen’s Shun Hing Tower. The 384 metre, 69-floor skyscraper, nicknamed the “Diwang Building”, is the 10th tallest building in China.

HKFP History: Sea Ranch – A 1970s ‘Post-Apocalyptic Discovery Bay’

In an accessible area of south-west Lantau lies a 200-unit 1970s luxury resort called Sea Ranch. The eerie residential development was once described by Time Out as feeling “like visiting Discovery Bay after a direct hit from a neutron bomb”.

Sea Ranch.

Sea Ranch.

The resort was completed in 1979, but accrued massive debt and was the subject of years of legal wrangling. Despite its notoriety, the self-contained enclave in Chi Ma Wan has quite idyllic surroundings and is visible to passengers on the Hong Kong-Macau ferry routes.

There is now renewed interest, with several units undergoing refurbishment and more residents moving there, attracted by the secluded setting.