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Television channel TVB sends legal warning to adult website over alleged trademark infringement

Hong Kong free-to-air television channel TVB has confirmed that it sent a legal warning letter to an adult website, accusing it of trademark infringement.

In the undated letter, which was circulated widely online, TVB claimed that adult website bore similarities to – the channel’s online streaming service for dramas and movies.

tvb legal warning letter

“Our company’s website offers many programmes suitable for all ages,” read the letter. “Your adult website uses ‘myavsuper’ as its domain name, with a difference of only one character. We strongly suspect that you aim to create confusion.”

HKFP History: Hong Kong’s most tumultuous year – the 1967 riots

Hong Kong’s leftist riots were sparked in May 1967 by a labour dispute at an artificial flower factory. The large-scale, pro-communist protests were staged in sympathy with the mainland Cultural Revolution and against British rule.

Throughout the year, there were violent demonstrations, massive strikes, murders and even terrorist attacks on Hong Kong soil.

riots hong kong

“Our nation’s millions of Red Guards resolutely support the patriotic compatriots of Hong Kong and Kowloon in their anti-English struggle against violent repression!” Photo:

Many demonstrators wielded Mao’s Little Red Book as large loudspeakers were set up atop the Bank of China building broadcasting leftist propaganda.

Lamborghini driver pulled over after transporting gigantic stuffed bear home to girlfriend

A driver in China was pulled over this week for strapping a gigantic stuffed bear onto his Lamborghini.

teddy on supercar

Photo: Weibo.

The man, who was stopped by Tan Qiao – a celebrity police officer in Chengdu, was apparently transporting the giant bear as a gift for his girlfriend.

bear car

Photo: Weibo.

The bear was poorly secured and blocked the rear window, thus catching the attention of police and resulting in a fine.

bear bonnet

Photo: Weibo.