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NEWS – Reactions to Suspect Maid Agency Investigation As More Details Emerge

More details regarding Hong Wrong’s investigation into Earl Bagley have emerged. The SCMP reports that Bagley, also known as Steve Austin Conway, is now under investigation by local authorities following a complaint to the Labour Department.┬áThe American ex-fugitive is running a suspect business promising local maids lavish new lives in Las Vegas if they join his ‘membership club’ and wait up to four years.

Early Bagley aka Steve Austin Conway

Yesterday, the blog learnt that Mr Bagley has made repeated visits to the Refugee Union NGO headquarters. During a visit, a 43-year-old Filipino woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said that he claimed to be a lawyer, keen to help domestic workers with their legal cases. “The first day we met, he asked us to eat with him outside – we refused… because we don’t know him. He was very proud of himself and said he had lots of money – US$50,000 in his bag. He said he will pay for whatever we want to eat from Subway”. Bagley claimed to have 25 wives, she said.

Last year, he was extradited from Manila for failing to sign onto the US sex offenders’ registry. Since last November, Bagley has been ‘in violation’ of the same obligations once more, according to a US Department of Justice website.

Local reactions: