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In Pictures: Hong Kong tram ‘disguised’ as KMB bus in new cross-harbour discount promotion

Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) and Hong Kong Tramways have launched a 6-month trial scheme to offer KMB-tram interchange discounts on designated cross-harbour routes.

kmb tram

Photo: KMB/HK Tramways.

To promote the programme, a tram designed to resemble a KMB bus was launched on Monday, alongside a bus “disguised” as a green tram.

kmb tram

Photo: KMB/HK Tramways.

Adult Octopus users crossing the harbour on KMB buses and linking up with trams can save HK$2.30. Children will save HK$$1.20.

The discounts are the equivalent of a single journey tram fare.

kmb tram

Photo: KMB/HK Tramways.

It is the first time the two companies have cooperated.

In Pictures: The adventures of Hong Kong’s least popular principal official – Education Sec. Eddie Ng

Secretary for Education Eddie Ng did not earn the nickname “tourism chief” for nothing. He has undertaken at least 60 work trips – costing over HK$3 million – over the past five years, which is three times as many overseas visits as his predecessor.

Ex-secretary for the civil service Wong Wing-ping calls Ng’s travel record “unprecedented.”

Ng, who was a human resources professional before joining the government five years ago, is not popular among Hong Kong’s teachers. He is also the second least popular senior official, after Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying.

eddie ng adventure

Woman lies on floor in protest during 11-hour delay on Hong Kong airlines flight

An 11-hour delay on a Hong Kong Airlines flight has led to complaints from passengers, with one woman even spreading herself on the floor in protest on Monday night.

Flight HX312 was supposed to carry 263 passengers from Hong Kong to Beijing at 3:35pm, but the plane remained on the tarmac. At around 4pm, the crew let passengers go back into the terminal and gave them HK$75 vouchers for food.

Travellers boarded the plane again at 8pm, but became frustrated as they waited.

hk airlines delay

Photo: Provided to Apple Daily.

Video: Hong Kong taxi driver launches epic expletive-ridden diatribe against pedestrian

A taxi driver has been filmed launching a loquacious, expletive-ridden take-down of a pedestrian on the streets of Hong Kong.

taxi driver motherfucker!

“You’re walking in the road, it’s not [for] pedestrian,” the driver says. “If you punch my car, you’re illegal – it’s not right, it’s Hong Kong… this is criminal.”

It is unclear how the altercation escalated, though the driver concluded the interaction by showering the man with a string of obscenities and exclamations.

The video attracted over 2,500 “reactions” and over 650 “shares” on Facebook, as netizens marvelled at the driver’s mastery of English-language curse-words.

Video: Excruciating drone clip of driver’s 15-point bridge manoeuvre elicits disbelief

A drone video showing a driver trying to manoeuvre on a bridge at Tai Tam Reservoir has prompted disbelief from viewers.

The video, uploaded by Ricky Wong, captured the Tesla Model X driver attempting to squeeze between a double decker bus and a wall on the notoriously narrow dam road. A long line of cars was seen behind the bus as they waited for the Tesla driver to pass through.

A motorist was seen speeding past the embattled driver, who was struggling to align their Tesla in a straight line with the bus.

Fans rejoice as Pokemon Go sensation finally arrives in Hong Kong

The Pokemon Go mobile app sensation has finally landed in Hong Kong, much to the delight of fans.

The augmented reality mobile game is available on Android and iPhone systems. It uses the device’s camera and location detection functions to display Pokemon characters in the environment around you.

Local users first spotted that the maps were live on Monday morning at around 11:30am. It was soon rolled out officially on app stores.

On Twitter, Hongkongers wasted no time posting pictures of them trying out the game.

Emotional rollercoaster for Hong Kong’s Pokemon Go fans, as gamers anticipate local release

For the past week, Pokemon Go has taken the world – and social media feeds – by storm. From stories about a user stumbling across a dead body while playing the game to articles on whether the game is the answer to America’s obesity problem, it seems that it is all everyone could talk about.

There’s just one question left: When is it going to be released in Hong Kong?

On Facebook page Pokemon: Go Hong Kong, local fans eagerly anticipating the game’s release are frequently posting updates about any news they hear about release dates. Another similar page with mostly English posts can be found here. They’ve even started a Telegram group to discuss their Pokemon Go experiences (or lack thereof).

HKFP History: The evolution of the Hong Kong skyline

HongWrong presents a brief visual history of how the Hong Kong skyline has developed over the decades.

Pre-1869 painting of Hong Kong harbour

Pre-1869 painting via RGS-IBG image. Photo: E. L. Watling.

1880s – Beginning with a rare shot of the harbour from the 19th century – the same decade in which the Star Ferry became operational.

 Hong Kong harbour

 Hong Kong harbour



 Hong Kong harbour

A quaint postcard from 1906. Photo:

1910s – The CBD, gradually creeping up The Peak, was then named Victoria City.

 Hong Kong harbour


Video: The new, official, super addictive sing-a-long MTR song

RTHK presenter Steve James presents a new, officially sanctioned, highly educational MTR song.

The ditty includes shoutouts for stops along all current MTR lines as well stations due to open in the near future.

mtr song

Ten years ago, James created the first MTR song.