PLACES – The Semi-Abandoned Ghost Village of Fung Hang

Deep in the New Territories, facing Shenzhen and south west of Sha Tau Kok Hoi, lies the semi-abandoned village of Fung Hang. ..

It is worth a visit if hiking to remote Kuk Po, which – unlike Fung Hang – is now totally abandoned….

Fung Hang has a 300-year history and still contains a row of traditional houses with farmland along with a cafe and a temple…

Most of the village, however, consists of decaying, uninhabited buildings slowly being digested by nature…

The near deserted village was once home to over 160 people and, until 50 years ago, people kept cows, chickens, pigs and fished along the sea front.

In 1949, many villagers claimed British citizenship and left the territory, others moved closer to the city as HK began to industrialise…

Meanwhile, the land became untenable, driving the remaining families out.

Still inhabited by a few members of the Cheung clan, many of the remaining residents previously resided in neighbouring Kuk Po

According to the New York Times, villagers are against large-scale development but instead are hoping for a more sustainable eco-tourism rejuvenation.