PHOTOGRAPHY – Shots from the Fourth Liars’ League HK

The fourth Liars’ League HK event took place on Monday. The event, entitled ‘Sink or Swim‘, attracted over 100 people to The Space in Sheung Wan. It featured…

  • Ann-Marie Taaffe performing: ‘That Sinking Feeling’ by Esther Cleverly.

  • Warner Sallman performing: ‘Hotel California’ by Reno Ong.

  • Michael Rogers performing: ‘Tell Me About the Girl’ by Mark Heywood.

  • Sean Hebert performing: ‘Like a Stone’ by Graeme McFarlane.

  • Brad Powers performing: ‘What Fell Beneath the Tracks’ by Kawika Guillermo.

  • Matt Fleming performing: ‘Wish Fish’ by Alison Willis.

  • Sin Gwamanda performing: ‘Technical Drowning’ by Maria Kyle.

  • Daniel Levia performing: ‘Big Fish’ by Liam Hogan.

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Videos of the night’s performances will appear soon on their blog.

Liars’ League welcomes new talent – readers or writers.

Liars’ League HK is the brainchild of Ysabelle Cheung…

Stay tuned to their Facebook page for details of next month’s event. for more information.

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