PHOTOGRAPHY – A Hong Kong Bug’s Life: Barry Jacques’s HK Insect Safari

Previously on the blog we listed some of HK’s most dreaded creepy crawlies, but the territory also has its share of more lovable insects…

xVUNEnD.jpg (655×427)


Barry Jacques‘s colourful ‘Hong Kong Bug Safari’ is a reminder that we are never far from nature in the City of Lights.

gZ6C11N.jpg (655×503)


Speaking to Hong Wrong, Jacques said “I was fascinated by the insects I saw around me… and wanted to to make a body of photographic work to show off these wonderful creatures”.

uQxFwxi.jpg (655×427)

Lobster moth larva

Jacques is an Irish artist who works and lives in the city. Follow his work on Flickr or Instagram.

qu054aJl.png (655×345)

Paper wasp

HXOJOKO.jpg (655×503)

Spiny Leaf-Rolling Weevil

GTnnOIO.jpg (655×457)


VTRv7L8.jpg (655×427)

Praying mantis

GECogix.jpg (585×390)


NmS3Xfe.jpg (655×427)

Praying Mantis

wSC0TNj.jpg (655×427)

Lychee stink bug nymph

xicWvZe.jpg (655×427)


CFJU3Y5.jpg (655×427)


qJgl67U.png (636×398)


CqXj6dK.jpg (655×503)

Jumping spider

YzaQdLD.jpg (655×427)

Long-horned Beetle

ci67b5u.jpg (655×427)


275pKCj.png (639×297)

Golden Leaf Beetle

6tBTFTF.jpg (655×512)


DLCmHI1.jpg (655×512)

Red-spotted Longhorn Beetle

I2Lln9a.jpg (655×512)

Larvae of Red-base Jezebel

ChoFeKg.jpg (655×512)


xjPUG7G.jpg (655×512)


4uQH2os.png (637×364)

Tiger Beetle

kIs0dcz.jpg (655×427)

Tiger beetle caught by Golden Orb Web Spider

Click the two beautifully presented infographics below to view them in full on Adolfo Arranz’s Flickr account. Arranz produces infographics for the SCMP.

pFkeidD.png (304×489)

tAgrCl4.png (303×491)

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