MUSIC – ‘Hong Kong Kids’ Music Video

For the love of Henry Tang’s wife, what did Hong Kongers do to deserve this? Brace yourselves. [Contains footage of  ‘SkiBs’ in such ‘badass scenarios’ as: getting drunk, using foul language, smoking weed and drinking in the paid areas of stations…]

For a fellow who claims to ‘not give a fuck’, a very deliberate effort has been made to remove all critical comments from his YouTube videos.

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“SkiBs’ style stands out in Hong Kong’s music scene and his music innovates the cities developing Hip Hop appreciation. His passion for what he does accompanies him as he pushes the barrier between unknown artists and success.”


Somehow you can’t help but respect the audacity of putting oneself out there, particularly with something so legally incriminating which embraces a sub-culture that bears no relevance in HK. Click here for more or here to buy the EP if it floats your proverbial boat.

Unfortunate viewers may be reminded of the slightly less crap, but equally annoying, ‘Hong Kong State of Mind’…

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