ART – Holy Duck: Gigantic Yellow Rubber Bath Toy Visiting Harbour

A gigantic yellow inflatable rubber duck is docking in Victoria Harbour this month, where it will remain for 4 weeks. The 16.5 metre-high bathtub favourite is on a on a 10 country, 12 city tour. It will be displayed alongside a gallery at Harbour City and is HK’s first maritime art exhibition in conjunction with AllRightsReserved HK.

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via U Magazine

It is hoped that the orange-beaked plump pontoon will not contract duck-lung cancer or a similar respiratory disease during its extended stay next to the Star Ferry.

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The oversized aquatic toy comes in peace, “knows no frontiers, doesn’t discriminate against people and doesn’t have a political connotation”, said its Dutch creator, Florentijn Hofman, “the rubber duck connects everyone’.

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Hofman claims that  “The friendly, floating Rubber Duck has healing properties: it can relieve tensions as well as define them. [It] is soft, friendly and suitable for all ages.”

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The duck docking on April 24th, via Jacky Lim on FB

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via Eaton Smart Hong Kong

If you enjoyed the giant duck, then you may also be interested in the giant inflatable dog shit, which is debuting at West Kowloon Cultural District on April 25th.

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Hong Wrong will keep a close, mistrusting eye on the duck throughout its stay…

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Hofman. via Harbour City.

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The moment recreated at ‘City Impressions @ Tsim Sha Tsui’ exhibition in Central.

The installation arrives on May 2nd.

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