PLACES – HK’s Best Beach, Tai Long Wan (Big Wave Bay), Sai Kung

Arguably the most beautiful place in the territory, Tai Long Wan is a bay on the east coast of the Sai Kung Peninsula. The are four beaches along the bay – Sai Wan (West Bay), Ham Tin Wan, Tai Wan (Big Bay) and Tung Wan (East Bay).

via Apple Daily

via Apple Daily

White sands and clear blue water await those willing to hike out from Sai Kung. Boats from town are available in the high season from under $200 each, otherwise a hike takes at least 90 minutes from the nearest road (accessible by green taxi). It is not to be confused with its namesakes on HK Island and Lantau.

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Go whilst you can. In 2010, 1000sq metres of the old village was purchased by the chairman of Mongolia Energy Corporation. He was prosecuted in February for encroaching upon government land. Tens of thousands joined a campaign to halt development which villagers believe will include artificial ponds, a tennis court and separate tourist apartments. The government claims to be helpless to prevent it.

Paul Zimmerman has been leading demonstrations to preserve the area.

As recently as March this year, activists have photographed what they deem ‘illegal activity’ around the site…

via 'Friends of Tai Long Wan'

via ‘Friends of Tai Long Wan’

The beach is a surfer’s favourite but can be dangerous and does not have lifeguards or other regular beach facilities.


First, one must get to Sai Kung Town Centre. There are four main ways to get there, though option ‘D’ is probably the easiest and fastest for most people. You can either…

  • A. Take the MTR to Choi Hung (green line), get out at Exit C and get the 1A green minibus to Sai Kung.
  • B. Take the MTR to Hang Hau (purple line), get out at Exit B, walk to the bus terminus on your left, get the 101 green minibus.
  • C. Exit the MTR at Diamond Hill (green line) exit C and take bus 92.
  • D. Take the MTR to Mong Kok/Yau Ma Tei, then take the red minibus to Sai Kung from outside the Kwong Wah Hospital (on Dundas St, off Waterloo Rd). See this Google map below for the pick-up point…

From Sai Kung you can choose one of these options. Again, option ‘D’ is the fastest and most convenient:

  • A. Take the 94 Bus from Sai Kung Central Bus Station, alight at Pak Tam Au, Enjoy the hike (approx. 90 minutes) to Ham Tin or Tai Wan Beach.
  • B. Stay on the 96R or 94 to Wong Shek Ferry Pier, take the Public Ferry to Chek Keng Village, hike for 60 minutes.
  • C. From Wong Shek Ferry Pier, hire a private speedboat to take you all the way to Ham Tin Beach ($300+ for the boat), or direct from Sai Kung to Tai Long Wan (under $200 each).
  • D. Take the 29R Minibus (if available) or a green taxi to the Sai Wan Pavillion. Hike 90mins to Ham Tin or Tai Wan Beach.
Hike from Sai Wan Pavilion - Option D

Hike from Sai Wan Pavilion – Option D

Option D takes 90mins

Option D takes 90mins

via Meocre

via Meocre

Ham Tin beach has two restaurants which also serve beer/drinks. Both rent gear and can book boats back to Wong Shek/Sai Kung (weather permitting). However, be prepared to hike back.



It is cheaper to actually buy basic summer tents in Sai Kung or at RC Outfitters in Mongkok (starting at $99) than to hire.

Mosquitoes can be common at certain times of year and be wary of sleeping under the stars without a tent, you’ll likely be attacked by crabs.


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