PLACES – Rocky, Rustic Po Toi: Hong Kong’s Most Southerly Island

Famous for its rock formations, Po Toi (蒲台島) was once home to up to 1,000 fishermen and farmers.

Today, the population is nearer to 200.

At 3.7sq kilometres, rustic Po Toi is Hong Kong’s most southerly island and is ideal for a day’s hiking and picnicing. There are also a number of seafood restaurants catering to visitors.

Rocky trails, bronze age rock carvings, pagodas, a temple and great views await weekend hikers.

Po Toi is also home to one of Hong Kong’s most dramatic headlands, though the rough seas still attract a few brave fishermen.

Islanders are protesting the lack of clean water supply and electricity.

How to get to Po Toi?

Tsui Wah Ferry provides transport between Aberdeen and Stanley and Po Toi. $40 return.

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