NEWS – Fortune Magazine Places Joshua Wong at #10 in Great World Leader List

The Umbrella Movement student leader and Scholarism founder Joshua Wong has been placed tenth in a list of 50 ‘Great World Leaders’ by Fortune Magazine.

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Fortune said that Wong was a “compelling figure” and that his “non-violent protest message and energetic idealism galvanised crowds that, over months, numbered in the hundreds of thousands.”

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The student activist was previously given pride of place on the front of TIME Magazine and was nominated for ‘2014 Person of the Year’.

In an interview with New Left Review this week, Wong called for a more “militant” unofficial referendum on democracy this year.

He also said that Hong Kong’s vocal independence movement is “radical… superficial and will fade.”.

4 thoughts on “NEWS – Fortune Magazine Places Joshua Wong at #10 in Great World Leader List

  • Jessica

    To ‘credit’ the protests to Wong is laughable if it were not so offensive to the majority of the Hong Kong people. If Fortune did its homework properly, it would find that Wong was marginalized by even the ‘student leaders’ themselves from the earliest stages: Wong was not part of the delegation which met formally with members of the Hong Kong Government; and he was not part of the group selected to travel to Beijing to meet with China’s leaders. When a second charge of the Government Offices was underway, Wong was not part of it, and was reported to be cooking and eating instant noodles by himself while the attempted siege was taking place. He grabbed the limelight back back for himself only by announcing a farcical ‘fast’, and prolonged the protests by months, as the student leaders were contemplating surrendering to the authorities after the unsuccessful charge. Of course he was unaware of it, as he was treated as an outsider. Would Fortune have celebrated him had it known about these events? It is shameful that it does not know, and shameful that it made these ‘awards’ with so little investigation of the reality on the ground.

  • Jessica

    Are all ‘icons’ given international awards? The yellow umbrella is a more appropriate icon for Occupy Central than Wong, so what should we give an umbrella? And why a ‘leader’ award when I demonstrated that he was not a leader? Why not a nuisance award or a clown award? Or just a prison sentence? Do I have to ‘do’ anything before I can make a comment? What have you done to be able to say anything then? I have done and am still doing a lot more constructive and positive things than being a traitor, or a sociopath, or someone who sold his soul to do the biddings of the US Government for the sake of monetary award and promises. Reference:
    “—In August 2012, Stephen M. Young, Consul General of the Consulate General of the United States in Hong Kong and Civic Party chairperson Audrey Eu Yuet-mee started meeting with Wong’s father, Roger Wong. They met four times in total, each lasting for up to 3 hours. In the same month, fifty “Scholarism” members launched the “Occupy Government HQ” operation.
    —In November 2012, Tin Dalton, an official from U.S. Consulate General met with Wong to discuss matters regarding his scholarship to study in the U.S..
    —In November 2012, National Endowment for Democracy sponsored Wong 100,000 U.S. dollar. The fund was delivered through an organization called “Justice & Peace Commission of the H.K. Catholic Diocese”.
    —In March 2014, Wong received 1.6 million HK dollar from an anonymous person.
    —In May 2014, National Endowment for Democracy promised Wong in case he is arrested by the police, they will help arrange and fully sponsor their study in the U.S. or U.K.”
    And now they give him an acknowledgement for ‘leadership’!
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  • Jessica

    PS. Note that Wong’s father sold his son to the U.S. government for a lot more money than Judas’s thirty pieces of silver, together with apparently travel visas to the U.S. So it doesn’t matter if the HK society is destroyed. The Wong family will be leading the lives presumably of kings in the US, while HK becomes a Ukraine for China’s Russia.

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