BLOG – Lion Rock Banner Spawns Countless Memes as ‘Behind Scenes’ Video Released (Part 2/2)

A ‘behind the scenes’ video has been released showing climbers from ‘Hong Kong Spidie’ unfurling a yellow pro-democracy banner on Lion Rock. For photos and details, see part 1 here.

Drone footage (complete with ‘elevator music’) from Apple Daily:

The incident instantly spawned countless memes…

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See here for context to the image of Chinese president Xi Jinping below.

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Lau Kong Wah (far right, below), under-secretary for constitutional and mainland affairs, is also known as Mr Rubbish bin after this photo went viral. 

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By nightfall, around a dozen curious Hong Kongers were present near the top of Lion Rock. One told HongWrong that some had been planning to camp near the banner to ensure no one attempts to remove it.

The banner will require some manpower and expertise to remove. It is secured to the bolts and anchors (which climbers use) on the cliff face.

The posting of such banners in country parks is prohibited by law…

94dHkxu.png (833×412)

Police have passed on responsibility for its removal to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.

See part 1 here.

8 thoughts on “BLOG – Lion Rock Banner Spawns Countless Memes as ‘Behind Scenes’ Video Released (Part 2/2)

  • yadranko

    Democracy does not equal freedom. Democracy equals tyranny of the majority. How about protesting for individual freedom instead? To let each and every person decide for oneself. But of course that would be a problem for Hong Kong’s collectivists, as they would not be able to ‘justly’ redistribute other people’s wealth. Huh?

  • Ken Morgan

    It’s funny when it is considered to be greed to want to keep as much of your own hard owned coin as possible. But not greedy to help yourself to the money of others.

  • Ken Morgan

    Except in a monopoly situation it just means they are extremely vulnerable to newcomers.

    P&O ferries and French companies were a total monopoly on the UK channel crossing. A bloke raised enough capital to rent a ferry himself and break the monopoly. Tesco for instance last year they had 1/8 £ spent in the UK. Today they are a broken company.

  • Cassowary

    Talk to me about free enterprise after they’ve abolished corporate voting. In case you haven’t noticed, Hong Kong is not and never has been a libertarian paradise. It’s a plutocrat-bureaucrat alliance in which property developers act as medieval tax farmers

  • yadranko

    I couldn’t agree with you more. But democracy is not the solution, as it will still put in favor one group to detriment of another. The real solution is freedom. I would support protests fro taking even more powers of government back into the hands of the individual, so that the big business in bed with government will have no favors to exchange. I’ve written about it recently, you might want to take a look:

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