PHOTOGRAPHY – Pictures of Hong Kong in 1972

Nick DeWolf captured daily life in Hong Kong during a trip to Asia in 1972 – there are hundreds more on his Flickr. It was the same year as the deadly Po Shan Road landslide (video at the bottom) and the year a British luxury liner sank in Victoria Harbour. 1972 was also the year in which President Richard Nixon became the first US President to visit the mainland – arguably the beginning of its opening up.

Click here for newly unearthed pictures from the 50s, here for an ‘old and new’ side-by-side comparison, here for some more vintage shots, or here to see how the HK harbour has evolved over the decades. For all historical entries, click here.

A Chinese news broadcast in Hong Kong from the same year showing the cross-harbour tunnel, buses, interviews, the police and public housing…

Below is a video reconstructing the Po Shan Road landslide, also in 1972…

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