PHOTOGRAPHY – Domestic Worker & Photographer Xyza Cruz Bacani

Filipino domestic worker Xyza Cruz Bacani‘s black and white street photography caught the attention of the New York Times this week. Today, she shares her work with Hong Wrong & HK Helpers Campaign.

Xyza works for an ageing Chinese-Australian woman in a wealthy part of Hong Kong.

In a city where abuse is common, she is paid overtime and the extra money is spent on her cameras, lenses and film.

Xyza is 27 and grew up in Nueva Vizcaya. She studied nursing but joined her mother as a helper in Hong Kong almost nine years ago.

She first discovered photographer in the Philippines during her studies.

She bought her first Nikon D90 with a loan from her boss a few years after she moved to Hong Kong.

In a feature for the New York times, she said that “when you see the light, you need to press the shutter… Or else it’s gone.”

Although she speaks Cantonese, Xyza says she does not have many local or domestic worker friends. As a ‘lone wolf’, she explores the city, mostly after sunset. “Photography is a universal language”, she says.

“It’s a very powerful, silent, wordless type of communication. An image can speak to different people”.

Her first show will held next May at the University of the Philippines.

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