VIDEO – Man Risks HK$5K Fine for ‘Intimacy’ With MTR Pole

The MTR have warned that anyone performing lewd acts within the metro system is liable to a HK$5,000 fine. The comment came after a video emerged of a local man, in his 50s, performing an intimate act with a pole (of the metal, not European variety).

‘Alex’, the netizen who uploaded the video, told The Standard that “The man literally put his hand in his trousers and was, like, searching something.” He said the man was pole-hugging “non-stop“, christening him “Uncle Pole“. 

The incident has been compared to a similar video from 2009, presumed to be the same man…

If you need some eye-bleach after viewing the above, below is another old video of a model readying herself for work on the MTR (albeit filmed on a potato)…

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