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PHOTOGRAPHY – Ma Wan, Part 2: The Ghost Town Where All Residents Were Evicted

More from the abandoned ghost town of Ma Wan. Click here for part 1 of the photo series and to learn about what happened on the small island…

PHOTOGRAPHY – Ma Wan, Part 1: A Whole Abandoned Town Next to Tsing Ma Bridge

Once home to hundreds of villagers, Ma Wan village is now a ghost town. Unlike most of HK’s rural abandoned corners, the residents here were evicted by the government in 2011 – some of them unwillingly. Click here for Part II.

As of 1995, fish farming was the main economic activity on Ma Wan and Hong Kongers flocked to its seafood restaurants. Shrimp-drying and shrimp paste-making farms now lie abandoned.

The town had a population of several thousand prior to the 80s and around 800 in 2000. But today, Ma Wan is mostly home to Park Island – a huge gated housing estate that was mainly developed by Sun Hung Kai Properties. It houses 5,000 families.

VIDEO – The Ecology & Politics of Hong Kong’s Abandoned, Wild Island Outpost (Part 4)

Below is a video interview with Patrick Yeung, a marine biologist PhD candidate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Yeung speaks about the political and ecological concerns and history of Tung Ping Chau, HK’s most isolated semi-abandoned outpost.

Shot on an Android phone. You may also enjoy Hong Wrong’s video interview with Mark Sung, the only resident of Kuk Po abandoned village, also in the Plover Cove region.

HISTORY – The Abandoned Military Base on HK’s Wild Outpost of Tung Ping Chau (Part 3)

A final collection of shots from Hong Kong’s wild ‘Jumanji island’. Tung Ping Chau is the territory’s furthest flung ‘ghost’ island, too isolated to be featured on most maps. Its proximity to mainland China has meant there has long been a security detail based on the island…

In 1975, British military Gurkhas built a training camp on the strategically important outpost of Tung Ping Chau. It was constructed over 7 months, years before the prospect of HK’s handover to China was even discussed.

The camp is relatively small in size and has now been mothballed – air-conditioners, doors and windows have been solidly boarded up and the site is surrounded by fences and barbed wire.

PHOTOGRAPHY – The Abandoned Hamlets of Hong Kong’s ‘Jumanji Island’ (Part 2)

More photos from Hong Kong’s wildest and farthest flung ‘Jumanji island’, Tung Ping Chau (not to be confused with Peng Chau, near Lantau)…

Ping Chau is the territory’s most easterly and most isolated island. It is a heavily protected nature reserve and UNESCO Geopark today, but has a long and interesting history…

The wild and rustic outpost was once home to a thriving farming and fishing community – over 2000 people lived in ten villages across the tiny 1.6km island.

VIDEO – Interview with the Only Resident of Kuk Po Ghost Village

Below is the final part of this series, a Hong Wrong video interview with Mark Sung. Mark is the only resident of Kuk Po, an abandoned ghost village in rural HK. Click here for Part I of the photo series from the ghost town, or click here for Part II. Also, check out Fung Hang – a nearby semi-abandoned village.

PLACES – Kuk Po, Part 2: More Photos from the Abandoned Village Outpost

Kuk Po is an abandoned village in rural north-east HK. This is Part II of a photo series from the ghost town, including a few from neighbouring Fung Hang. Stay tuned to the blog this week for a video interview with the village’s only resident, Mark Sung.

Click here for Kuk Po, Part I, which includes information about the area and how to get there. Click here for shots from Fung Hang.

PLACES – The Semi-Abandoned Ghost Village of Fung Hang

Deep in the New Territories, facing Shenzhen and south west of Sha Tau Kok Hoi, lies the semi-abandoned village of Fung Hang. ..

It is worth a visit if hiking to remote Kuk Po, which – unlike Fung Hang – is now totally abandoned….

PLACES – Kuk Po, Part 1: Photos from the Abandoned Village Outpost in Rural HK

Kuk Po is an abandoned village in rural north-east Hong Kong… See also:

Kuk Po Abandoned Village

The town borders the Frontier Closed Area

The village was once home to about 160 people.

HISTORY – Photos From Within the Abandoned Wanchai Police Station

One of the few colonial buildings remaining in HK, the currently disused Wanchai Police Station was built in 1932…

rlMuSl.jpg (640×449)

Wan Chai Police Station at its opening in 1932, via Wikimedia

Though the station (also known as ‘number 2 station’) sat directly on Victoria Harbour until the 1960s, the building itself was also built on reclaimed land. It was constructed during the Praya East Reclamation Scheme.

It closed in 2010 but, as a Grade III historic building, it will be partly redeveloped for business and commercial use. Below are some shots taken from inside the building, two years after it closed…