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BLOG – Fake Monks Targeting Westerners on the Rise

For the past decade, increasing numbers of fraudulent monks have been giving hit-and-run blessings to passers-by before bowing, presenting small plastic Buddha statues and demanding cash. Previously, they would seek monetary ‘alms’ by going door-to-door around housing estates, but most local Chinese are now switched-on to the scam…

CzuaKjUl.png (640×335)

via TrekEarth.com

Sure, being on the receiving end of an unwelcome sanctification is a refreshing change to risking an unsolicited stabbing (which would probably be the more likely outcome in other ‘world cities’). However, as they refocus on uninformed tourists and expats, these fraudulent holy men are making a mint from westerner’s mystified preconceptions of Buddhism and the east.